Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

Baby-Friendly Team

We are proud to announce the arrival of Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative at Milford Regional Medical Center! We have a large team of lactation specialists, nurses, physicians, community members and hospital staff dedicated to having MRMC remain a leader in providing excellent maternity care

What is Baby-Friendly? Baby-Friendly is a worldwide program of the World Health Organization and UNICEF, launched in 1991 to encourage and recognize hospitals that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding and mother/baby bonding. The initiative is a global effort for improving the role of maternity services to enable mothers to breastfeed babies for the best start in life.

Becoming a Baby-Friendly facility is a comprehensive, detailed and thorough journey toward excellence in providing evidence-based, maternity care with the goal of achieving optimal infant feeding outcomes and mother/baby bonding. It compels facilities to examine, challenge and modify longstanding policies and procedures. It requires training and skill building among all levels of staff and it entails implementing audit processes to assure quality in all aspects of maternity care operations.

Who represents the Baby-Friendly team? A very proud team of nurses, physicians, lactation consultants, hospital staff and community members dedicated to having Milford Regional remain a leader in providing excellent maternity care.


Baby-Friendly Team

Why become Baby-Friendly? Becoming a baby friendly facility means we are looking at how we can provide a family with the best birthing experience. This process will strengthen our organization and our community. We know that mothers who give birth at Baby Friendly Hospitals are more likely to initiate exclusive breastfeeding and more likely to sustain breastfeeding at 6 months and one year of age.

We want to improve outcomes for mothers and babies and give mothers the confidence and skills necessary to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding their babies or giving formula safely. We believe that providing families with the best birthing experience offers the most critical steps to patient satisfaction.

Where are we Baby-Friendly? We are Baby-Friendly throughout the hospital. The Maternity Centers educates our new mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding, skin-to-skin, and new mothers practice rooming-in. We have a breast pump available for use in our ED and all in-patient breastfeeding mothers have access to a breast pump. Additionally, we have a breast pump available for employees to use.

When are we going to be designated as Baby-Friendly? We are on the journey to become Baby-Friendly. This initiative can take up to four years.

We will be posting regularly about this journey and encourage the community to ask questions.


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