Keeping Count with iPhone Apps

With the ability to do almost anything from your phone these days, why not add tracking your calories and managing weight loss to the list. The Apple store provides an abundance of Healthcare & Fitness apps for iPhone and iPad users to choose from that can help with monitoring progress and motivating positive changes. Check out three free apps that do just that!


Lost It! is a calorie monitoring tool that allows users to keep a daily log of food and exercise.

  • Individual calorie needs are calculated based on the Mifflin equation, an appropriate formula based on the assumption that many of the users may have a BMI over 30.
  • Users can search the database for foods and activities, add new foods to the database or create a recipe for customized items.
  • Provides an ongoing tally of calories consumed and daily calories still remaining, helping users monitor their progress and encourage future success.
  • Ability to link account to other social medias, which gives your friends the option of viewing your progress…could be motivating, could be discouraging.


My Fitness Pal is another great option for tracking calories.

  • Largest database of any of the calorie tracking apps so you are sure to find the foods you are searching for.
  • Frequently used foods are stored in your diary to make for even faster entry.
  • Equipped with a barcode scanner, you can simply scan items and then find the match in the database.
  • Users are limited to setting realistic weight loss goals, promoting positive lifestyle changes.


Calorie Counter is designed to simplify the process of keeping a food diary.

  • Allows users to enter foods by voice – speak clearly and this could certainly save time.
  • By connecting to their website,, users can participate in diet forums where they can discuss any problems or personal barriers with other Calorie Counter users.
  • Link with your Fitbit to synchronize exercise and weight loss progress, providing an updated calorie goal based on your measured activity level.


This blog post is intended for informational purposes only. If you have medical concerns, consult a physician or other healthcare professional.

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