Rooming-in with Your Baby

High angle view of a baby boy lying in a crib

At Milford Regional Medical Center, after you deliver your baby, your baby will stay with you in your room throughout your hospital stay. Your partner or support person is welcome to stay overnight in your room as well. Staff will care for you and your baby in your room. This includes all routine care for you and your baby such as weighing, bathing and medical checks. Your baby may go to the nursery if medical observation and certain procedures are required.

There are many benefits of Rooming –In. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to get to know and bond with your baby and learn how to recognize feeding cues. Baby then feeds more often, which improves weight gain and decreases incidence of jaundice. Frequent breastfeeding leads to more milk more quickly, as well as decreased issues with engorgement.

We’ve also learned that babies sleep better and cry less. It is less stressful for the newborn baby when mother is near. Your room is quieter than the nursery and so everyone sleeps better! Maternity staff is there to help at any time during these first days and nights. Parents feel much more confident about baby care and feeding before going home.

Newborn babies need to feed frequently and they tend to sleep more in the morning and early afternoon and feed more often in the evenings and early mornings. Take advantage of sleep opportunities – sleep when your baby sleeps – even during the day. Limit visitors, go “offline” and use your support person to cuddle with your baby in the room while mom sleeps.

Mothers who Room-In sleep better and longer. Mothers who sleep better have more energy, better mood, and better overall health and a greater sense of well-being! Rooming –In is an important step of implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative!


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