Are You at Risk for Diabetes?


Our body uses sugar from our food to make energy. Diabetes is a when too much sugar from the foods we eat stays in our blood stream and is not processed by our body. Too much sugar in our blood can damage our body over time. A hormone called insulin is responsible for helping sugar get into our cells to make energy.

      • Type 1 diabetes: The body no longer makes insulin and it needs to be injected.
      • Type 2 diabetes: A person with Type 2 diabetes makes insulin but is having trouble processing the sugar. The cells are not using the insulin easily. They can make less insulin over time and may need pills or insulin to help blood sugars come down.

What puts me at Risk?

      • Family history (Does anyone in your family have diabetes?)
      • Inactivity
      • High blood pressure / High Cholesterol
      • Having diabetes during pregnancy, or having a baby that weighed over 9lbs
      • Being overweight

What can I do if I have these risk factors?

      • Eat Healthy / Do not skip meals
      • Be active ( Talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine)
      • See your doctor regularly
      • Know the symptoms of high blood sugar
      • Symptoms of High Blood sugar
      • Thirsty
      • Sleepy
      • Frequent urination
      • Hungry
      • Frequent infections / trouble or slow healing
      • Blurry vision

Talk with your doctor if you are having symptoms of high blood sugar.

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