Sarah Ducharme, Consigli, 2016

Each year, nurses nominate the colleagues who demonstrate Milford Regional’s values in his/her professional practice by providing exceptional care.



I would like to nominate Sarah Ducharme for the 2016 Nurse of Distinction.

I have worked with Sarah at MRMC on the same unit since 2005.  In that time I have witnessed her care for a wide range of patients.  With a patient population ranging from newborn babies on pediatrics to elderly on med/surg with an endless list of diagnosis, complexities and nursing requirements.

No matter the status or flow of the floor or her own assignment, she always accepts new patient admissions, post-ops or direct admits without complaint or creating chaos.  I find her to be respectful, supportive and a team player with her co-workers.  Throughout the shift you will find her calm, focused and pleasant.  Always willing to help her fellow co-workers, give boosts, transfer patients or pass meds if needed.

Sarah takes the time to explain the general flow of the floor to her patients to give them a good understanding of how our unit works.  Such as: how the doctors and surgeons round, the role of the physician assistants, when vital signs are taken, how often labs are usually drawn etc.  She then further takes times to discuss the specific plan of care to her patients and their loved ones in a supportive, caring, respectful and reassuring manner.  Leaving her patients and their families feeling informed, comfortable and supported.  She truly embodies the essence of nursing.

It is no secret that if you have a question, Sarah is your go to girl.  If she doesn’t know the answer to your question off the top of her head, just give her a few minutes, she will not only find the answer she will also have a thorough explanation.  The list of fellow staff that she will help does not end with the nursing department, she is quick to help any staff that asks and will do so without hesitation.

When she fills the charge nurse role she is not only fair, she possesses excellent critical thinking skills and exemplifies leadership.  When planning the daily assignments for nurses and when placing post-op and admission patients to the unit she gives great attention and forethought to where each patient will be placed.  The specific needs of both the current patients and the patients that are being admitted are given great attention.  She considers the location of current patients as well as the nurse’s current workload and how additional patients will affect their shift. She is sensitive to any extra time requirements, specific social requirements or any issues that may be required.

She has a fantastic ability to multi task, and even when in crisis her ability to focus and remain calm is quite impressive.  It helps to keep other staff as well as the patients feels both safe and at ease.  Her forward thinking and ability to grasp the scope of the floor census and skill level needed to maintain a superior level of care are exceptional.

Caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful and considerate are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Sarah.

I know when I come to work each day she is on, not what the day brings, it is going to be a great day.

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