Power Up with Breakfast

If you are getting a good night sleep, chances are your body is going at least eight hours without food! So, ‘break your fast’ and power up with a healthy breakfast! When you eat many different foods your body is provided with a variety of beneficial nutrients. So, for optimum health, try not to eat the same foods for breakfast each day. To vary up your breakfast selections, try the following:

Select one food from at least two of the food categories below. Try to alternate your selection every couple of days. For example, on Monday your may have whole grain cereal with low fat milk, on Wednesday you may have a peanut butter and banana smoothie made with almond milk and on Friday you may have a whole grain breakfast burrito with sliced avocado and black beans.

Food Categories

  • Fruits and whole grains

    These foods are high in carbohydrates, which the brain needs in order to work at peak performance. They also contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals which keep your body healthy and looking vibrant!

  • Protein-

    This essential macronutrient is needed by your body to repair and make new cells. Healthy sources of protein include, nuts, legumes, eggs, fish and lean meat.

  • Fats

    Choose items that contain healthy fats such as vegetable oils, avocados, and nut butters. Read the nutrition label and try to avoid products that are high in saturated and trans fats.

  • Vegetables

    Eat different vegetables of varying color.  Although, each type of vegetable is packed with its own special blend of nutrients, vegetables of the same color tend to provide your body with similar nutrients. Therefore, consuming vegetables of varying color will optimize your nutrient intake.

  • Milk and milk alternatives

    To ensure you are getting enough calcium, make sure to include these products. If you select a milk alternative such as soy milk, almond milk or cashew milk, make sure that it has been fortified with calcium. Yogurt is an especially great addition to your diet as it is not only high in calcium, but it also provides pro-biotics, which have been shown to promote healthy digestion!

Here are some additional breakfast ideas to consider!

  • Oatmeal made with low-fat milk, sliced almonds and berries
  • Whole grain toaster waffle topped with low-fat yogurt and/or fruit
  • Scrambled eggs made with lentils and mixed vegetables
  • Toasted rye bread topped with nut butter and bananas
  • Calcium fortified soy yogurt with walnuts and dried fruit

Check out this link for additional breakfast ideas at www.eatright.org/nutritiontipsheets.

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