Eating on the Run

We all do it, think we will only be out for an hour or two then next thing we missed a meal and are starving! Or we have an early appointment, overslept and run out the door in a rush and forget to eat or grab something. Next you find yourself going through the drive-through or convenient store trying to sort out something healthy.

Skipping meals or going a long period without a food or a snack can impact your blood glucose levels. More severely depending on the types of medication you are on but also due to the likelihood of overeating later and having high sugars levels after.

Always best to try not to get stuck, but if you do:

  • Make smart choices; don’t get tempted by high fat, unhealthy choices just because they are there.
  • Educate yourself whether a fast food, convenience store, coffee shop or deli, many have nutrition information available, just ask!
  • Watch your portions, ask if there are half portions or get the snack size if available.

Keep healthy snacks on hand:

  • Nuts & Seeds, trail mixes (watch portions!)
  • Lite yogurt or Greek yogurt
  • String cheese or peanut butter with whole grain crackers
  • Fresh fruit and cottage cheese
  • Fiber/protein bars (Nature Valley Protein, Special K Protein, Fiber one Protein all convenient choices!)
  • Ready to drink shake (Boost glucose control, Glucerna or store brand)
  • Hard boil eggs ahead of time to grab
  • Cut up fresh vegetables or fruits

Keep these tips in mind and try to plan ahead best you can next time you’re on the run!

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