Nurse of Distinction Nominee- Cheryl Hamel, RN

As part of Milford Regional’s Nurses Week celebration every year, a Nurse of Distinction is selected that demonstrates Milford Regional’s values in his/her professional practice by providing exceptional care. This year, nominees for this prestigious honor were chosen by their peers in each unit within the hospital.

We would like to recognize all of the nurses that were nominated for the Nurse of Distinction Award.

See below for Cheryl Hamel’s nomination.


It is with great pleasure that I nominate Cheryl Hamel, RN for consideration for MRMC’s 2017 Nurse of Distinction Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in delivering exceptional care in one of the most taxing healthcare environments.

There are many examples I could share on how Cheryl exemplifies MRMC’s core values. Not only does she participate in many committees, spending hours looking over and updating hospital policies and procedures to ensure best practice, but she also uses evidence based practice in her everyday care. Even though I have not worked in the healthcare field for very long, Cheryl’s compassion and commitment to her patients is exemplary and something I continuously try to embody in my own patient care.

In regards to knowledge, I could say everyone on the unit would refer to Cheryl for any questions and get answers about all things ED. She is resourceful, always collaborating with multiple disciplines to ensure everyone is on the same page. She makes sure everyone is heard and understood. She uses humor, knowledge, and enthusiasm to create a team atmosphere, and trust me when I say this, everyone wants to be on Cheryl’s team.  

I can recall a patient we both worked with that was very ill. He presented with a report of “unable to urinate” as he walked through the ED front door. After greeting him with her big smile and open heart, I saw a change in Cheryl’s demeanor from happy to focused as she was assessing him and obtaining a set of vital signs. He was sick, Cheryl knew it, and then next thing I know she is on the phone with the charge nurse, telling her that she was not leaving this patient’s side, and she needed a doctor and assistance in there fast. This man ended up passing away of severe sepsis, and Cheryl’s experience, nursing judgment, and intuition allowed her to tell this man was sick within a matter of minutes.

She views patients, not as patients, but for the people they are, with lives, loved ones, and obligations. This patient’s family was at the bedside as multiple disciplines worth of hospital staff walked in and out of the room, none really taking the time to explain to the family what was going on, why, or asking them if they had any questions. Cheryl took the time to inform the family, keeping them comfortable and calm during such a scary experience. It was in that moment that Cheryl became my nurse role model.

Emergency nursing is more than putting a band aid on a laceration. It is more than medicating an infection. It is more than chest compressions during CPR. Cheryl exemplifies all of the qualities you would want in an ER nurse taking care of your loved one, and there is no one I would trust more than Cheryl to do so.






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