Nurse of Distinction Nominee- Sharon Pellerin, RN

As part of Milford Regional’s Nurses Week celebration every year, a Nurse of Distinction is selected that demonstrates Milford Regional’s values in his/her professional practice by providing exceptional care. This year, nominees for this prestigious honor were chosen by their peers in each unit within the hospital.

We would like to recognize all of the nurses that were nominated for the Nurse of Distinction Award.

See below for Sharon Pellerin’s nomination.


I first met Sharon in 2015 when I was a patient on the Maternity unit at Milford Regional Medical Center.  I was 25-weeks pregnant, sick with the flu, and contracting.  Sharon was charge nurse, and immediately put me and my husband at ease.  Not only was she wonderful to us, but she made my other two sons feel welcomed and reassured with kindness and a smile that lit up the room.

Sharon provided excellent care to me while I was a patient, which was the reason why I applied for and accepted a nursing position on maternity after I delivered my baby that July.  Sharon then became my mentor.  She has a wealth of knowledge, and we all feel relieved when she is working because she can tackle any stressful situation put in front of her.  She handles emergencies calmly, and often assists others without hesitation.  I have seen Sharon triage 7 patients during an 8-hour shift as charge nurse, without complaints. Sharon is just like the “Energizer Bunny!”

Not only is Sharon an excellent role model, she is an exceptional nurse.  She deserves to be nominated for the Nurse of Distinction Award, and I hope is a recipient of this award.  I strive to be just like Sharon in providing excellent patient care – it is truly an honor to work with her!

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