Nurse of Distinction Nominee- Gabby Coffin, RN

As part of Milford Regional’s Nurses Week celebration every year, a Nurse of Distinction is selected that demonstrates Milford Regional’s values in his/her professional practice by providing exceptional care. This year, nominees for this prestigious honor were chosen by their peers in each unit within the hospital.

We would like to recognize all of the nurses that were nominated for the Nurse of Distinction Award.

See below for Gabby Coffin’s nomination.

When thinking of the human and nursing capital that we are so blessed with here at Milford, it’s hard to overlook Gabby Coffin as one of the leaders and future all-stars of our profession. I could tell you how she has seemingly conquered many skills nurses have, that frankly take years to hone and master. I could explain that her skill set is very rounded out and more than capable. She is more than willing to put them to the test in the toughest environments. 

Although these traits are admirable, it’s her ability to work through the gray parts of nursing while making it look easy that make her a nurse of distinction. Nursing skills take practice and time to get right. Working through emotional gauntlets in this field is a true test to one’s practice and test of a person’s character and will. Without hesitation, time after time, I have watched Gabby deal with the gray areas of our practice as if was helping a close friend battle through it. Sitting down next to a patient and dedicating time to listen when the floor is imploding around her, or doing everything she can to make someone comfortable in their ultimate time of need. These may sound like easy tasks, but as we all know, they can be the most challenging and draining experiences we encounter. They can also be the most rewarding. 

Nursing school and orientation only go so far in training us to deal with the frustrated patient, with the dying patient, with family that can’t wrap their head around what is happening. To explain that things are going to work out to a patient who is violently rearranging a room with you in it. Whenever I see Gabby encounter these types of patients she handles them with grace and professionalism that school and orientation can’t teach. She has brought her strong character and big heart to a field that will always desperately need it. She has integrated empathy into her practice that is second to none. She’s always been one of my rocks and partners on the floor whenever I’ve needed her help, Gabby, you’re my choice for nurse of distinction.

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