Nurse of Distinction Nominee- Melissa Leavitt, RN

As part of Milford Regional’s Nurses Week celebration every year, a Nurse of Distinction is selected that demonstrates Milford Regional’s values in his/her professional practice by providing exceptional care. This year, nominees for this prestigious honor were chosen by their peers in each unit within the hospital.

We would like to recognize all of the nurses that were nominated for the Nurse of Distinction Award.

See below for Melissa Leavitt’s nomination.

I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Melissa Levitt, RN for the 2017 Nurse of Distinction Award.

Recently I had an experience where I needed to be admitted to Gannett after a procedure was completed and I was awaiting a transfer to another facility. As always there is anxiety with being a patient. When admitted to my room Melissa immediately made my family and me very comfortable. She answered all our questions and explained what was to come. She assured my daughter all would be find and encouraged her to call is she had concerns.

Melissa sat and took the time to listen to my concerns and had compassion and empathy for the anxiety that I was feeling towards my diagnosis and the uncertainty of the outcome. She too every measure to be sure that all my needs were met, kept my privacy and confidentiality in place as I am a co-worker. I never once felt as though I had special treatment because for who I was as Melissa treats her patients equally and gives 300% of herself to anyone she cares for and their family.

I have been and will always be proud and honored to be Melissa’s coworker, but I am very grateful to have had the experience of her nursing skills and kindness that she shows to each and every one of her patients.


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