Traveling with Diabetes

Let the summer travel season begin. Just like you plan where you’ll stay and check the weather at your destination, you can prep to keep up with your diabetes treatment plan so you’ll keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Check out the 10 tips below to ensure you’re prepared for your trip!

  1. Preparation is the key to great travel. Be sure to bring extra diabetes testing supplies and medication, as travel delays and unexpected events can happen.
  2. Insulin can lose its strength if it gets too warm or freezes. Avoid leaving insulin in a hot car or in direct sunlight on a warm day.  Check out for insulin cooling cases that do not require ice packs or electricity.
  3. At the airport be sure to carry all medications with you to avoid losing medication if your checked bag is lost. Medicine should be in original pharmacy containers with prescription labels.
  4. If you will be more active than usual and are on diabetes medicine be aware of the symptoms of low blood sugar. Carry a source of quick sugar at all times.
  5. If you will be walking more than usual make sure you wear proper fitting shoes. Check your feet daily and contact your doctor if you have any open areas on your feet.
  6. Carry snacks incase meals are delayed. Changes in your schedule or time zone changes can mean changes are needed in your diabetes routine. Review with your health care provider if you think changes may be needed.
  7. Carry insurance cards, list of medication, medical history and phone numbers for your doctors.
  8. If traveling long distance and sitting in a car, take breaks to get out and walk. This helps bring blood sugars down and avoids blood clots.
  9. If you take medication to lower blood sugar consider diabetes identification such as a bracelet.
  10. Have a fun summer! Low stress also helps blood sugars stay in the normal range.


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