Celebrating Our Extraordinary Nurses

Judy Kelly, VP of Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer

Judy Kelly, VP of Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer

National Nurses Week provides us with the opportunity to remind our hospital community and the general public of the vital role nurses play in healthcare.  We are pleased to announce this year’s theme and share the logo for Nurses Week 2018: Nurses: Inspire, Innovate and Influence. Our nurses at Milford Regional Medical Center do all of these things. They Inspire by motivating, encouraging and energizing their colleagues to provide exceptional care to patients. They are innovative with new ideas that impact nursing practice and patient outcomes and they influence patient care by using evidence based practice to guide patient care.

We have continued on our journey to developing a mission statement for nursing. It speaks to what exceptional care and evidence based practice look like at Milford Regional Medical Center.  Nursing leadership is inspired by your collective and collaborative efforts in the development of the mission statement. We have talented, caring and resilient nurses at Milford Regional Medical Center and I am so proud of our team.

Extraordinary staff providing exceptional care to our community in a genuinely caring environment. Every Patient, Every Day.

Values: Dignity, Compassion, Respect (Hospital Mission), Commitment, Evidenced Based Practice, Quality, Teamwork, Safety, Collaboration.

The nursing leadership team wants to promote and support education for our nurses.  In that spirit we have decided to put money towards continuing education as part of this year’s raffle and as a gift for our Nurse of Distinction. I want to also thank our physician colleagues who made a generous donation to support education for nursing.

As we celebrate our nursing profession and recognize our colleagues I would like to thank our dedicated team of nurses at Milford Regional Medical Center for providing exceptional care to our patients and our community. Your commitment to excellence in nursing practice and patient care is recognized and appreciated by the MRMC leadership team, physicians, staff, patients and families every day.  National Nurses Week provides an opportunity to give nurses the respect and recognition they deserve. It is my pleasure to learn and grow with you.  Happy Nurses Week to each and every one of you.

Milford Regional Medical Center nurses are simply the best!

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