Kinesiology tape guide: How to tape shoder with kinesiology tape. shlder pain treatment. one man placing kinesiology tape on another man on white backgorund.

Ever wonder what that colored tape is you see athletes wearing? It’s called kinesiotape and has actually been around a few decades now but has become more popular and mainstream over the past several years. Many athletes at the Olympics can be seen wearing it. Kinesiotape has a variety of applications and can be used all over the body on both children and adults!

There are several different brands on the market. Each can be made slightly differently in terms of material and adhesive. Kinesio Tex Tape, one very popular brand, is 100% cotton and elastic fibers, latex -free. The thickness and weight was made comparable to skin. The adhesive is heat-activated. There is a wave-like pattern made to allow the skin to breathe.

We utilize kinesiotape in the physical therapy setting to re-educate muscles, relax muscle and tissues for pain relief, and to facilitate the reduction of swelling from injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain. It can be used with all types of injuries including patellofemoral pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, scars from surgeries, motor vehicle injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and back pain.
Before applying the tape the patient is educated on what to expect and special care instructions. The tape can get wet and usually will last for 3-5 days. This tape is different from most other kinds of tape in that no matter how it is applied it should always allow free range of motion and not feel restrictive. A lot of patients feel more comfortable in trying the tape for that reason. If the tape is effective for the patient we will continue to use it with the patient during their treatment and may teach them how to apply it themselves if appropriate.

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This blog was written by Amanda Lehman, PT, DPT, CSCS
Milford Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Northbridge


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