Year of the Nurse 2020: Why Milford Regional’s Nurses are Simply the Best!

National Nurses Week provides us with the opportunity to thank our nurses and to remind our hospital staff, providers and the community of the vital role nurses hold at Milford Regional Medical Center. Our nurses’ excellence in practice and collegiality has been magnified during this unprecedented healthcare crisis. I am in awe of the strength and courage our nurses have all exhibited while caring for patients. We are extremely grateful for their continued commitment and dedication to Milford Regional and our patients during this stressful time.

The American public continues to rank nurses as professionals with the highest honesty and ethical standards. This underscores the deep trust that the public has in our nurses. This year, the American Nurses Association has selected: Year of The Nurse 2020: EXCEL-LEAD-INNOVATE as their theme. Milford Regional nurses embody this theme in a variety of ways.

    • Committing to high quality care of patients and families
    • Advocating for patient and families
    • Influencing clinical practice decisions
    • Developing a model of Professional Governance
    • Demonstrating resilience and determination while navigating a dynamic public health emergency
    • Participating on Best Practice Councils, Resource Teams, committees and projects
    • Learning from our professional experiences by sharing clinical narratives
    • Finding new and creative ways to protect yourselves and the patients during the COVID crisis

I am proud to say that through this most difficult year, our Nursing mission lives on:  Extraordinary staff providing exceptional care to our community in a genuinely caring environment. Every Patient, Every Day. As we celebrate Nurses Week 2020, the Nursing Leadership Team greatly appreciates our nurses’ stellar work and thanks them for going above and beyond in every way.  Additionally, their commitment to excellence in nursing practice and patient care is recognized and appreciated by the entire MRMC leadership team, physicians, staff, patients and families.

Our nurses are all very much appreciated! The Importance of what they do is truly great!

Milford Regional Medical Center nurses are simply the best!

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