Get the Most Out of Your Blood Sugar Testing

Are you getting the most out of your blood sugar testing?

Testing can show us how food, stress, illness, medication and exercise affect your blood sugar. We can often adjust these factors to improve blood sugars.


How often should I test?:

If you take insulin, test at least two to three times per day to determine if the insulin type and dose is correct. If you don’t take insulin- talk to your health care provider to get a testing schedule that would give you the best information. Some insurance plans limit the number of tests you can do.

When should I test?:

Times that may give the best information are when you wake up, before a meal, two hours after a meal or at bedtime. Don’t test at all these times on the same day. Pick a time of day, then test at that time for one to two weeks to look at trending information. Then change your testing time to another time of day.

How do I test?:

If you do not have a meter to test your blood sugar, set up an appointment with the Diabetes Educators at Milford Regional to get one and learn to use it. Milford Regional Diabetes Education can be reached at 508-422-2396.

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