National Nurses Week 2021: A Reflection on the Past Year Amid COVID-19

National Nurses Week provides us with the opportunity to thank our nurses and to remind our hospital staff, providers and the community of the vital role nurses hold at Milford Regional Medical Center.

Milford Regional has many people to thank for their contributions over the past year, but none more than our truly amazing nurses.  During COVID-19, nurses have worked tirelessly on the front lines to ensure that patients who need help are cared for. The pandemic has taken a toll on nurses’ morale and mental health. Our focus in the coming year will be on support and promoting self-care for our nurses. 

Nursing, in general, is stressful and COVID-19 only amplifies that. Therefore, it’s even more critical during nurses’ week this year to reach out and celebrate the nurses and their vital contributions. We need to keep nurses supported and emotionally engaged with their work to continue providing exceptional care to their patients.

The excellence in practice and collegiality of our nurses has been magnified during this unprecedented healthcare crisis we have experienced. I am overwhelmed by the strength and courage they have all exhibited while caring for patients. We are extremely grateful for their continued commitment and dedication to Milford Regional and our patients during this challenging time.

I am proud to say that through this most difficult year, our Nursing mission lives on:  Extraordinary staff providing exceptional care to our community in a genuinely caring environment. Every Patient, Every Day. As we celebrate Nurses Week 2021, the Nursing Leadership Team greatly appreciates the exceptional work and thanks our nurses for going above and beyond for patients every day.  Additionally, their commitment to excellence in nursing practice and patient care is recognized and appreciated by the entire MRMC leadership team, physicians, staff, patients and families. 

Our nurses are all very much appreciated! The Importance of what they do is truly great!

Milford Regional Medical Center nurses are simply the best!

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