Holiday Ready – Diabetes

Diabetes Blog copyHolidays bring a time of excitement, celebrations and family time.  All wonderful events for our lives but they may bring anxiety for those managing diabetes.  With some planning you do not have to miss out on these occasions.

When Attending Parties:

  • Bring a healthy dish to contribute
  • Choose and eat the low calorie items such as vegetables, low calorie beverages, lean protein items, vegetable broth based soups and salads too
  • Eat a small snack before going so you do not come hungry

Holiday Food Choices:

  • Turkey and lean protein items
  • Vegetables and salads with lite dressings or dressings on the side
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Select smaller portions and use a smaller plate
  • Eat slowly

Beverage Choices:

  • Sparkling water
  • Tea, coffee without the sugar and utilize skim or low fat milk
  • Diet sodas

Other Tips:

  • Continue with you activity plan
  • Plan ahead
  • Choose beverages wisely
  • Enjoy your company and friends and place yourself away from the food

Happy Holidays from the Diabetes Education Team!MR_BlogBut_620x60_DIABETES

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