Phyllis Hester, Maternity, 2016

Each year, nurses nominate the colleagues who demonstrate Milford Regional’s values in his/her professional practice by providing exceptional care.

Phyllis_BlogNomination #1

Phyllis has been a dedicated Maternity Nurse.  It does not matter if it’s caring for patients in labor and delivery, guiding them through the challenges of being new parents or caring for their newborns.  She always gives exceptional patient care and is compassionate and considerate of her patients.  Recently a patient told her she was her “guardian angel”.  This just shows the kind of nurse she is and the kind of care she gives her patients.

When I first came to Milford as per diem, Phyllis took me under her wing and was there to guide and show me the ropes, never hovering, but empowering me to sharpen my clinical skills.  She is a great mentor and role model, not only to myself but to her coworkers.  This is why I am the nurse that I am today.

Phyllis is a great resource person, full of knowledge.  I always tell her she knows everything.  She always knows what to do.  If she happens to not know – don’t worry she will find the answer in a timely manner.  The manuals and books come out or she starts looking in the computer.  Her expertise is something I value and hope someday to achieve.  This of course all comes with many years of experience as a registered nurse.

Nomination #2

Phyllis has been employed in our hospital for longer than I have worked here and more than 35 or so years I am told.  She has worked many different shifts on Maternity.  Phyllis was one of the first people I encountered as I came to nights at MRMC.  Even when you come with experience as I did it is intimidating to enter a new work place with a staff that has always been together.  Never once did I not feel unwelcomed here.  Never once did I have to ask where something was or how it was done here that she did not walk along side of me and help me grow here as a nurse.

Every year Phyllis joins her colleagues and attends the most current up to date nursing conferences.  She then brings all of the wonderful things she has learned back to those of us who were unable to go.  Her brain is amazing.  She can remember policies, standards, and odd bits of useful information relating to something on our unit that we haven’t used in forever and help whomever needs it.  She does not wait for us to call for help instead she recognizes your need and comes to offer a helpful hand.  Phyllis is a loyal steadfast employee who deserves this recognition.

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