National Laboratory Professionals Week

Lab Week Twitter Banner 2019

It’s time to celebrate National Laboratory Professionals Week once again! You may wonder, exactly who are you celebrating?


We start with the face of the lab, the people you see every day, Milford Regional’s phlebotomy team! Every shift has a dedicated lab support team working hard to provide exceptional care in the pre-analytical phase.

Medical Technologists

Next group celebrated during lab week, you may recognize their voices more than their faces, are the medical technologists. Working hard around the clock, your med techs run diagnostic testing in multiple disciplines of the lab. The accuracy and efficiency of results produced by the techs directly affect patient care!

Histology and Cytology

An important part of diagnostic testing at Milford Regional is performed within the histology and cytology departments. These technologists prepare tissue and analyze cells collected from various procedures. The information obtained from their work is critical to assisting the medical team in providing the correct diagnosis.

Thank you to our Pathologists

As a whole, the staff of Milford Regional’s laboratory would like to thank the team of pathologists who head this department including Medical Director Kamala Murali, MD; Mark Mangano, MD, and  Deborah Gordon, MD. Next time you see a friendly phlebotomist, receive a critical call from a medical technologist, or catch a glance of our pathology team, be sure to say hi and thank them for their dedicated work to patient care.

Learn more about our Laboratory & Pathology Services!

Written by Stephanie Valente MLT ASCP CM – Evening shift Manager

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