Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Close up of young mother holding her cute baby daughter, kissing her

Close up of mother holding her cute baby daughter

Mothers and babies come hardwired with instincts and reflexes that ensure breastfeeding will be successful. Part of this success comes from learned behavior too. Many parents today have not been exposed to breastfeeding moms and babies. How can anyone learn a new skill without seeing it happen and asking questions about it?

Milford Regional’s prenatal breastfeeding class gives parents such an opportunity. It provides information in the form of videos, demonstrations and even hands on practice-with dolls, of course. It is an encouraging, safe environment to ask questions and meet other expectant parents. Partners are encouraged to come and can help mom to remember tips and tricks. They also will learn what support is most helpful.

Topics that are covered in our breastfeeding class include: basic physiology of lactation and content of human milk, what to expect in the first hours and days, how to know baby is getting enough, normal newborn behavior, how to help your baby with feeds, common challenges, how to know things are NOT going well and who to call for help.

A family’s time in the hospital is short and there are so many things to learn. Coming equipped with breastfeeding knowledge will give you the building blocks for a successful start on your breastfeeding journey. A breastfeeding class can’t prepare you for everything, but it can give you confidence and information that can make all the difference after your baby is born.

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Written by Julie Naya, RN, IBCLC
Maternity, Milford Regional Medical Center

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