Recipe: Spaghetti Squash


Spring is here whether it feels like it or not. Rainy, drizzly days are still a great time for cooking and helping your meal planning be on its A-game. With school season coming to an end and spring sports starting up, we all continue to feel the hustle and bustle. I like to try to use some time on my weekends to prep out a few easy meals to start off the week. This puts my mind at ease after coming home from late night soccer practices and it also helps to detour us from the drive-through.

A favorite go-to of mine is spaghetti squash. You can add just about anything you have in your fridge and your family will be sure to love it!

For my version, I grabbed some meat sauce I had made last week, but you could use chicken, turkey, tofu crumbles or lean ground beef, whatever you prefer!  I added some diced tomatoes, spicy peppers, a cup of both sautéed mushrooms and onions, and let that all simmer together. While that was coming together, I got my spaghetti squash ready. Slice it in half long ways, drizzle with a little EVOO and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Once that was done I used a fork to separate the “spaghetti” like strands of the squash, and topped it off with the sauce. And there you have it… quick and easy spaghetti squash bowls for those busy nights!

This is a great lower carb option, one cup of cooked pasta is 45g of carbs and almost 300cal where the spaghetti squash has virtually no carbs and minimal calories, plus a whole lot of additional fiber vitamin A and C.

Bon appétit from Mrs. Mac’s kitchen!

Kirsten McEvoy RDN, LDN

Clinical Nutrition Manager

Metz Culinary at Milford Regional Medical Center

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