8 Tips for Managing Diabetes

1. Stay healthy this winter. It’s hard to control sugars when you are sick. Speak to your doctor about Flu or Pneumonia vaccines and remember to wash hands frequently. Discuss sick day rules with your doctor.

2. Plan meals ahead of time to make the best choices. Missing meals and eating on the go often lead to overeating.  Keep Hydrated by carrying a water bottle.  Staying hydrated can also reduce appetite.  Stick to small portions of desserts and bring a healthy choice to the party.

3. Bring snacks if you plan to be out shopping for extended period of time as extra activity can lead to low blood sugar.

4. Take time for you to reduce stress. Stress can often raise sugars.

5. Stay Active. Don’t get out of your exercise routine or consider starting a new one.  This often gives us more energy, lowers sugars, reduces stress, and makes you more productive.

6. Do not miss your Medications. Often when we get busy we forget our medicine which keeps us healthy.

7. Test blood sugars more often if you have changes in your diet or activity level.

8. Contact your Health Care Team if your sugars are not at your goal!

Milford Regional Diabetes Education can be reached at 508-422-2396.



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